Saturday, 28 May 2011


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Jem was one of the first ROLDA dogs to arrive here in the UK‚ in Feb 2009.  She was initially fostered by the lovely Kymm who went on to set up her own charity South East Dog Rescue before finding a home with Liz and Matt near Brighton.

Hi Chrissy
Things are indeed going well - she is just the loveliest dog you could possibly wish for. She continues to grow in confidence with other people and dogs‚ both at home and away from home‚ and seems to really enjoy going out and about in the car and walks in new places. With us at home she is pure pleasure to have around - from her moments of happy madness that involve doing high speed circuits of the garden‚ usually beginning and ending on the top of the grass cutting pile‚ to other times when she is just so quiet and peaceful‚ either in her bed‚ or in one her selected sunny spots in the garden‚ pleasing herself by chewing on one of her toys or a stick‚ or just relaxing. She is so well behaved‚ and we have still yet to hear her bark‚ though we can see why she might have been called smiley‚ because she does smile! She has made good friends with two Jack Russells (also recently acquired rescue dogs‚ one pure and one cross‚ but not sure what with) belonging to Liz's best friend.
All in all we are so pleased with her‚ and she seems very happy with us‚ and we are all very grateful to you and your organization and people. Thank you so much.
All the best
Matt and Liz
(update 12/10/09) 
Hi Chrissy
Thank you‚ we are all well‚ and so is Jem. I can’t believe it is really only a matter of months that we have had her – she is now such an integral part of our lives that it feels so much longer. She is very settled now‚ and over the past couple of months her true character has been developing with that. We haven’t really trained her very much‚ but in many ways she has picked up on what we want and expect of her‚ whilst retaining enough of an element of mischief and play to keep us on our toes. We love her to bits‚ and still consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been blessed with such a lovely dog – our thanks again to you.
Regards and best wishes

Matt and Liz

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