Saturday, 28 May 2011

Thius and Reube

Slideshow imageThius and Reube were found by myself and Jan in the late Summer of 2008.  We saw them at the side of the road‚ both hopelessly malnourished to the point that they were dragging their legs along the ground desperately trying to reach scraps of food thrown from passing cars.  We decided to take them to the vet clinic to have them put to sleep as we truly believed they were only days away from death and were suffering.

Thankfully the vet refused although she did agree it would be a small miracle if they pulled through and furthermore‚ even if they made a recovery physically‚ they could be mentally scarred as they were semi-feral.
We decided then and there that if they both survived‚ we would certainly bring them to the UK.  Dana from the ROLDA shelter agreed to give them a chance and started them on a special diet.
In the Summer of 2009 I returned to collect them both driving all the way to Romania (my fear of flying had completely kicked in by now).  I drove Thius‚ Ruebe and 4 other dogs back to the UK.  Thius and Ruebe had recovered physically but were absolutely terrified of people to an agonising degree.  They couldn't be handled and so we had to use a catchpole to load them into the car.  On doing so Thius actually momentarily passed out through fear although he soon can round but I knew there was a long road ahead - literally!
On arrival into the UK Jan who'd initially adopted Foxy and who'd been with me that day we spotted Ruebe and Thius‚ took them into her home and spent the next 6-mths slowing building up their confidence.  For the first 2 months they lived in the garden‚ too afraid to come into the house.  They eventually grew to trust Jan and subsequently myself and although still nervous around strangers‚ they are as far removed as possible from those scared‚ starving little pups we found that day.
I am so proud of these two and Thius and Ruebe will always have a very special place in my heart! xx
Further images of Ruebe can be seen on our 'Home Page'.

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